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Caribbean Beauties #Babellines Case Study

As part of a social media and sponsorship campaign for 2018, our client wanted video stories of Maybelline at Fashion Coda 6 in Tobago and Jardin the Fashion Brunch in Trinidad. The video stories had to be under two minutes and should demonstrate their involvement in the event as a sponsor without the brand/product dominating and taking away from the actual show, beauty, and talent at the events. They wanted the video to be captured spontaneously at the event, so our crew would have to tell a story that was not staged using footage that could not be recaptured.



Our main objectives for these stories were to make them relatable and to have moments that were shareable on social media since Maybelline is an active brand on Facebook and Instagram. We aimed to solve the “problem of use, ” in the Caribbean Maybelline is viewed as a great brand but only for certain skin tones, and weather conditions. We aimed to strategically produce stories that would raise awareness, build confidence in the brand from locals, and affect retail sales and line extension in stores.



Fashionistas, Models, Make-Up Artists, Designers.



Brand story at Fashion Coda 6 and Jardin the Fashion Brunch, online advertising and social media contest. Our challenge was to take a brand that was a global cosmetic powerhouse, urban-hip, sensational, self-assured, and city-minded and make it adaptable, cool, trendy in essence, allow the brand to live up to the side of its identity that speaks to “from the Catwalk to the Sidewalk”



Our team produced exactly what the client was looking for and exceeded their expectations capturing both the difference in setting and the intimacy of both the Tobago and Trinidad shows. The result was wider awareness and acceptance of the brand in the modeling industry in Trinidad & Tobago as well as an understanding of the uses for women of diverse ethnicity. Leading up to Jardin the Fashion Brunch, we held a social media contest, competitors were asked to do a makeup look with Maybelline products, share it online and get their supporters to vote. The contest lasted for 48 hours and was so fierce we had to award two winners. The competition yielded a reach of over 20,000 and over 700 engagements with over 490 photo clicks. Comments across Facebook, as well as an increase in reviews, have demonstrated a different and heightened likeability towards the brand. We also saw a 405% increase in messaging to the Facebook page, and the adaptation of Maybelline NY hashtags and slangs such as #doll #powder #Maybellinenewyork #InstaMakeup #MaybellineTT #Babe #Babellines....


In 2018, Maybelline NY is adopted and loved by locals and has garnered a strong local following of 21K on social media. We have helped our client to challenge the stigma of the use of Maybelline products in Trinidad & Tobago and also help them to demonstrate their support for our local fashion industry. Now our Caribbean beauties know what it means to #Babellines.

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