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We embrace social change, every client is a partner, and we are passionate about the industries in which they operate. And so, our work promotes community development, wellness and well-being, cybersecurity, ending gender-based violence, entrepreneurship, and advancing all positive causes for the greater good of society.

Our business model is wide enough to offer you a complete portfolio of marketing services and campaigns. At the same time, we're small enough that senior management's expertise drives our clients' projects.

We don't mass-produce implementation plans for our clients. Instead, we assess each client's needs individually and craft a perfect solution that's as unique as they are.

We set objectives at the beginning of each project then we offer clients a no-nonsense, 6-month period where they can "judge us by achievements." If we fail to achieve the desired objectives or the client changes their mind, they can terminate the consultancy contract in line with the pre-agreed notice period.

Our business model is hybrid, which means clients can work with us 100% virtually from anywhere in the world, or if they prefer face-to-face, we can serve them from our offices in Jamaica or Trinidad. Clients choose how they interact with us, and we work to suit them.

Twisted Circle


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