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We're Growing Our Blog Community

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Yes! Great news, our website is updated and we are ready to start blogging on our new site. We aim to make our blogs a bit unconventional, rather than just sharing our voice with the world, we would like to grow an active online community.

How will we do this? By giving away free stuff all the time! Haha just kidding.

Real answer: We aim to target readers as contributors who become engaged members of our blog, who like to share their thoughts, ideas and discover interesting people. Readers can easily sign up to become members of our blog and get a personal profile page. Members can follow one another and be followed, they can check out each other’s profiles, see what people have liked or commented on, and get notifications. How cool is that..........

Also, though we will be sharing expert post, information that can help you, our blogs will be short reads. Expect some bullet points, and sharp illustrations 1-5mins read, but who is counting. You can expect a blog post from us twice per month, and we're hoping to increase posts with the use of guest contributors.

If you a blogger looking to contribute to our site on business, digital media, design and branding, product development, and publishing, search no further we're at and we like content. Savvy, cutting edge, funny, practical advice that helps the end-users. Email us at and lets build a community!

Finally, we're assuming that all eyes on this page knows what a blog is, but just in case .....

Join us, share your blogs, share information, have fun!

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