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The Recession Proof Seminar was held on October 12th, 2016 at The Centre of Excellence with 85 guests in attendance. Eight (8) presenters focused on topics ranging from operations efficiency to sales and marketing. This seminar came on the heel of the many changes in our local economy in 2016 and set the stage for prudent business planning for the upcoming year. The seminar featured four workshops whose facilitators provided know-how and insight for participants at several stages in their business lifecycle, from startups straight through to developing and mature businesses. This seminar was unique because of the workshop segments that allowed the guests to congregate according to the growth stage of their business. In these groups, spearheaded by a competent facilitator they were able to share solutions and problems encountered in this season.



Our main objective of the seminar was to aid all small and medium-sized enterprises who attended with practical, and proven business strategies that will assist them to position themselves to survive and grow during this season of our economy. The seminar also acted as a networking platform for like-minded individuals and companies to share ideas and market their services.



The target market was entrepreneurs, investors, managers, community groups, charitable organizations and stakeholders of small and medium-sized companies.


Overall branding of the seminar including the development of attractive sponsorship packages, co-branding strategies, pitch meeting and teleconferences, media booking/placement and press releases, online advertising, and social media contest.



ODEM secured an agreement for Gold Sponsorship from Republic Bank Ltd and other levels of sponsorship and participation from reputable organizations such as CL Communications, Trinidad & Tobago Unit Trust Corporation, Isaac 98.1, Youth Business of Trinidad & Tobago, CARIRI, Eastern Credit Union, Massy Infocom, and Massy Communications. Radio Ads for the event were sponsored and aired on 98.1, 104FM and 103.5. Interviews were secured on the Morning Prime on TV6 and on Entrepreneur Life Online Radio and press Ads with the Express. ODEM secured prime spots during the elections budget on TV6, with ticker and a 30 sec digital Ad. We chose TV6 and the Express Newspaper since both are market leaders in TV and press with 53% and 22% of the local market respectively. The success of the seminar is measured by lingering interest in 2018 from past sponsors who are willing to support the venture again or a similar project. Predominantly, however, the success is measured by the reaction of those the workshop was meant to benet. ODEM scored high on execution, relevance, value, and facilitator choices. Below are some of their testimonials.


1. “The seminar series was well put together. The workshop was the best part for me.”- A.Morris, JaMor Concepts

2. “Event was well coordinated and executed.”- R.Singh

3. “All areas were well covered! Really enjoyed Rene Davis’ presentation, however, the other presenters also added overall and specific           

     knowledge and shared ideas.”- R.Trujillo, Xpress Nail & Spa

4. “Overall, I felt I received solid, valuable information that I can take to my business in the morning. Congrats to the Odem Business Team on an event well executed.”- C. Rollock, D Ink Pot

5. “The sessions were all pertinent. I especially enjoyed the sessions by Mr. Mariano Browne, Ms. Kiran Maharaj, Rene Davis and Laura

     Cotton.” - L. Aquillera, LizAgui Designs

6. “Very solid information. Workshops help to validate or clarify ideas and strategies.”- S. De Las

7. “I benetted tremendously from this seminar, it is relevant and pertinent to what is going on in our economy currently.” - A. Kwesi, Family            Focus Broadcasting Network

8. “The wisdom and combined experience was truly a wonderful experience and a timely and necessary intervention from a personal

     standpoint. The facilitators were open, honest and inspiring.”- J.Frederick, Creaciones Del Corazon

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