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Digital Media Marketing 

Think research, engagement strategy, social media moderation, social media campaigns, google advertising, SEO, banner campaigns, quick response codes, analytics, testing and reporting, profile production, optimization, and audience/sentiment analysis. These services are incorporated into our digital media marketing strategy, including the utilization of digital public relations and reputation management tools to deliver winning digital media campaigns.


We provide-

Digital Public Relations and Reputation management tools such as:

1. Online Press Room: Focal point for brand-related news, newsletters, official promotions, etc.

2. Monitoring and Listening Frameworks Analytics: To “hear” what is being said about the brand to optimize positive sentiment


Digital Media Strategy 

We will identify your target audience and define messages that find them wherever they are. As a part of our digital media strategy, we offer strategic planning in the following areas:


1. Research and Analysis: To see how digital strategies will support your brand

2. Audit of Current Digital Presence: To determine how to improve your current digital presence and condition

3. Emerging Platform/Trends Intelligence: To create innovative strategies

4. Platform Integration with online touchpoints and offline marketing outputs

5. Engagement Calendar Planning: To develop content maps for engagement strategies

6. Project Management: To manage touchpoints and platforms for maximum return on investments


Social Media Marketing & Management

We market and manage your Social Media through:

1. Profile Production and Optimization: Development of landing pages

2. Analytics and Testing: To track ROIs and KPIs

3. Message Mapping: To develop appropriate messages for the target audience

4. Copywriting: To write relevant messages for each touchpoint

5. Editorial/Communication Calendar Planning: To develop formal messages for PR strategies

Content Marketing

Content is King! The Online Marketing landscape has become competitive. Over the last few years, and content plays a crucial role in how often a business's website is visited, how many people tune into their blog, how well they know your target market, and the changing dynamics of the marketplace. We have several resources that match clients with relevant content to help their business grow. We are ready to share this with new prospects.
We manage and provide the following content:
1. Video: Development of online videos, ads, PSAs, etc. both HD and LD, as well as VSEO and YouTube Optimization
2. Infographics: User-friendly graphics to communicate statistics
3. Contests/Polls/Petitions/Coupons/Rewards: To create interesting engagement material

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