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Get Safe Online Increases Senior Citizens Engagement


EVENT: Trinidad & Tobago Association of Retired Persons (TTARP) Community Engagement Activity

ATTENDANCE: 1500 participants - over 50 years old

ACTIVITY: We set up an outreach table at the meeting, which allowed the senior citizens to interact, ask questions and be pointed to Over 400 leaflets were distributed, and the meeting was a highly interactive one with the senior citizens sharing their
experience with scams and frauds online as they visited the table. We had 60 people who mentioned lottery scams that they had received an email saying they won. We had about 10 people who shared that they got phone calls and emails asking for banking information. There
were a few persons who mentioned getting letters in regular post, again stating that they had won the lottery. We had about 3 people mentioning romance fraud scams, 1 who cited Linkedin as the online platform.

FOLLOW-UP: The photographs, and video clips will be posted on social media – Facebook and Instagram. GSO Trinidad website will be included in the association’s newsletter, that has 23,000 persons on their mailing list. The association is also open to focus groups, or training sessions in future.


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